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Company Overview

In 1978, Nick and John saw a problem. While the carpet industry was booming, with more carpets covering the floors of buildings across the US every day, carpet cleaning supplies were surprisingly hard to come by. And so was the knowledge of how to maintain and clean all these carpets.

The company they were both working for at the time didn’t want to address this unmet market need. So, Nick and John set out to meet the need themselves. What started as two guys and a bright idea grew to become one of the nation’s largest distributors.

Over the years, Jon-Don has expanded into new markets—from restoration to janitorial to concrete polishing and surface prep—and added all kinds of new capabilities. But we’ve always been about meeting the unmet needs of contractors, facilities managers, and others who work hard every day to keep everything clean and safe.

It’s why we introduced things like same-day shipping long before our competitors. Why we provide free technical support for everyone. And why we offer seminars on everything from mold remediation to small business marketing.

If you’re working hard to keep everything clean and looking its best, Jon-Don supplies everything you need to get the job done—from microfiber towels to floor grinders to training for your teams.

Your work is tough enough already without having to deal with products that don’t arrive on time, phone calls that don’t get returned, and prices that change without warning. Yet far too often, these are exactly the kinds of issues you run into with your suppliers.

To tackle your toughest jobs, you need a partner who brings:

#1 Real-world knowledge – not just someone who can take your order, but someone who can help you figure out what to order in the first place.

#2 Rolled-up sleeves – not just someone who can sell you a particular machine or supply, but someone who will actually make sure you know how to use it.

#3 Rock-solid reliability – not just someone who says they’ll be there for you, but someone who proves it with honest answers, upfront pricing, and a money-back guarantee.

Only Jon-Don brings this approach. That’s why contractors and facilities managers across the nation turn to Jon-Don for janitorial, carpet cleaning, concrete surface prep and polishing, and disaster restoration products. 

We’re here to help you tackle your toughest jobs.